the lady at the sandwich shop today was like “that’ll be 4.20 luv, would you like it toasted?” and i nodded and said “blaze it” and the guy working the sandwich toaster lost it 

If you don’t like my wonderful boyfriend that has NOTHING to do with me.
You hate me because I’m dating Matt and you two have never gotten along…that makes so much sense.
I am so sick of people always being rude towards me when I do nothing wrong.
Seriously. I’m done with so many people it’s ridiculous.
Matt and I are just going to become shut-ins.

Also, maybe if you got to know Matt on a deeper personal level you would see how fucking great he is.
I love him and I will back him up 100000% any day over anyone else.

I’m so done with a lot of people after today.


this is seriously so heart breaking…